French Meeting ' Loire valley Castles ' september

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:winken: Dear 8 mates,

First of all, i'd wish to thank and congratulate everyone of you guys to be a member of this 8 Association. Being a member of this Association point out your passion and thrill for the 8 series.

Second, i suggest you come to France to visit on board your 8 the marvelous Loire Valley Catles (Medieval and Renaissance Castles).
Let's go back to middle age. An 8 can find his way to Royal home.

Dare to come with us and share along the the garden of France.

How long? 4 days is needed in order to appreciate the tour but you can shorten your stay it's really up to you.

When? From 23rd to 26th of sept 2005 it's best because weather is still warm and daylight longer.
From 7 to 11 oct or
From 14 to 17 oct or
From 21 to 24 oct
Pick any week end you are available and let me know asap.

You may visit this website :
to figure out the location and know more about what you are up to visit.

According to turnout i will describe and make our tour.
So, don't hesitate and get back to me if you have any queries or if you have decided to be a part of the adventure make me know it as soon as possible.
May the 8 b w/u
Sincerely yours
tel 00 33 6 07 90 01 73
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