Picture-DVD from European Meeting Prague 2005

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Dear friends,

I have just finished assembling the picture and video DVD of the outstanding Prague meeting 2005.
Those who wish to purchase one of the DVDs can do this by sending a personal message to me.
The DVD contains around 400 pictures assembled as a video stream of 42 minutes and backgrounded with atmospheric music. This video can be played with standard DVD players.
"sample" for mobile phones/PDAs (approx. 17.5MB)
Additionally a subdirectory contains all original pictures that I received (approx. 2500).

Cost for the DVD is 5 EUR plus shipping to wherever you are.

Those who will also attend the "Westerwaelder Coupe Meeting" on Sep, 3 may save on shipping costs if ordering the DVD in time.

As soon as I have received all the video material I will also assemble a "video only" disk. Information regarding this will be posted here.

Gruß Mike.

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