Sortie de septembre les Chateaux de la Loire

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Sortie fin septembre

:winken: Pour vous inscrire à cette sortie merci de contacter Fabrice

tel 06 07 90 01 73
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:winken: FABRICE WROTE :

Dear 8 mates,

Here is my proposal for a super large week end surrounded by Miedieval castles.

The meeting will be starting friday 30th of september untill sunday 02nd of october 2005

Since we only have 3 days and our schedule is tight on a daily basis i may ask each one of you be on time for the meeting.

Here is our route : you may check the castles over this map :
carte des chateaux de la loire

Info on every châteaux de la Loire :

Friday 30th of september

Rendez Vous at 9:00 am :
Departure at the gas station shell Limours Janvry
(la folie Bessin) located at the toll of highway A10 Saint Arnoult 14kms away from Paris (south)

For some 120kms altogether so 1h30 route up to the cathédral of Orléans home of Clovis King of Francs.
Could eventually be another rendez vous point at 10:30 am
Departure 11:00 am
visite guidee de la ville d'orleans (guided tour of city of Orléans)

Heading towards Chambord though secondary roads passing by some interresting spots just for taking pictures but no real visit untill we hit Chateau de Chambord :

Cléry Saint André (Basilica 15th century)
Arrival 11:25 am
Departure 11:45 am
Mappy - Votre itinéraire
La Basilique Notre Dame de Cléry

Meung sur Loire (Château 13th century)
Arrival 11:50 am
Departure 12:00 pm
Mappy - Votre itinéraire
Château de Meung sur Loire (SCI)

Beaugency (Château 12th century)
Arrival 12:10 pm
Departure 12:20 pm

Lunch at the parc of chambord
Visit of château de Chambord of François the 1st (12th century)
Arrival 12:45 pm
Departure 4:00 pm
Mappy - Votre itinéraire
On the way to our home sweet home...through :

Cheverny (Castle of Tintin 13th century inspired by Hergé)
Arrival 4:15 pm
Departure 4:30 pm
Mappy - Votre itinéraire
chateau de cheverny

Montrichard a medieval town where the film "Catch me if you can" was shot starring Léonardo Di Caprio
Arrival 5:00 pm
Departure 5:45 pm
Mappy - Votre itinéraire

Heading towards ou hotel...

Hostellerie château de Chissay
4 stars that's a hell of a good one ! (our base maybe)
Only for friday evening they are fully booked for saturday.
Prices :
Double bed room + breakfast + diner : 110€ per person
Single bed room + breakfast + diner : 185 €

or :
Château de la Ménaudière
I am still waiting for the prices for both nights

or :
Château de Pray
I am still waiting for the prices for both nights

Saturday 1st of october

Chenonceau (visit of Château 13th century)
Arrival : 09:00 am
Departure : 10:30 am

Off we go to a car Museum only showing Cadillacs from any ages through different cities such as :

Azay le Rideau (Château 16th century)
Arrival : 11:30 am
Departure : 12:00 pm

Ussé (Château 15th century inspired famous walt disney pictures "The Sleeping Beauty")
Arrival : 12:20 pm
Departure : 12:35 pm

Langeais (Château 10th and 11th century)
Arrival : 12:55 pm
Départure : 2:00 pm

Lunch time sandwiches or possible to eat at the museum

Robert Keyaerts-Cadillac Museum Château of Planchoury
Arrival : 2:00 pm or 1:pm if we eat at the Museum...
Départure : 3:30 pm
Visit of the automobile Museum in St Michel sur Loire
Visit time : 1hour

Villandry (Château 16th century)
Arrival : 3:45 pm
Départure : 4:00 pm

Arrival : 4:15 pm
Departure : After diner and returning to hotel room
Diner is deserved!
Still don't know where but sure central square!

Go to bed, what a lovely day.

Sunday 2nd of october

Just a few miles away from Montrichard
Amboise (Château 12th century) Visit
Arrival : 10:00 am
Departure : 11:00 am

The Storehouses of Cesar (a unique site in the whole world)
Next to the Château
Complex of caves owned by Le Choiseul, classified by the Survey of additional Historic Monuments.
It comprises 3 parallel chambers with several 4 levels and 4 cylindrical silos which were used for storing tithes paid by the people during the period when the French kings resided in Amboise (Tax abolished under the Revolution).
Arrival : 11:00 am
Departure : 12:00 am

Lunch time in Amboise or Chaumont sur Loire

Chaumont sur Loire (château 10th century)
This is the one i prefer
Arrival : 2:00 pm
Departure : 2:30

Blois (Château 9th century)
Arrival : 2:50 pm
Departure : around 6:00 pm or any time earlier

Meeting ending don't cry we'll meet again god bless you.

Please get back to me as soon as possible and let me know how many people you intend to be.
I do hope you will enjoy this tour.
Fabrice Dray
Tel 00 33 6 07 90 01 73
Email : nnvfdray@0.0.010264.1073R:001f08e4 V:1058.547. S:PIGDIAMOND [mN]N]]]ttitude200

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